Wall bars with accessories KINDER 3-220/240-1

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Material: pine, beech, plywood
Material surface: colourless, odourless, very durable
Height: 220/240 cm (the sides are two-piece)
Width: 80 cm
Horizontal bars depth: 70 cm
Load capacity: 120 kg
Rope accessory capacity: 80 kg
Removable bars: 58 x 60 cm
Load capacity removable bars: 60 kg
Total weight: 27 kg
Wall mounting

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The Wall bars Kinder 3-220/240-1 is a classic tool that is good for exercising and training for all ages. This ladder may be used for all purposes such as gymnastics, strength training, fitness, bodybuilding, physical therapy, scoliosis treatment which promotes the improvemnt range of motion in the body starting from beginners to advanced users. With its aesthetic craftsmanship and compact design, this ladder can be installed in any space, e.g. homes, flats, gyms, schools, clinics, and hospitals. The Wall bars Kinder 3-220/240-1 is also characterized by its sturdiness and ease of mounting on the wall. This ladder is fun and easy to use that anyone can utilise it! Furthermore, the Wall bars Kinder 3-220/240-1 design has undergone strict design safety protocols, making it the safest option when it comes to the Swedish Ladders. It is made of natural hardwoods pine and beech, grown in an ecologically environment. The finished product is coated with a certified varnish that is odourless which protects it from the moisture, wear and tear, aiding its durability and maintaining its aesthetic appeal for a long time.

Material: pine, beech, plywood
Material surface: colourless, odourless, very durable

Wall bars:
Material: sides - pine, crossbars - beech, horizontal bars - pine
Height: 220/240 cm, width: 80 cm
Horizontal bars depth: 70 cm
Load capacity: 120 kg

Removable horizontal bars: 
Material: plywood, crossbars - beech
Sizes: 58 x 60 cm
Load capacity: 60 kg

Rope set:
Load capacity: 80 kg

Wall bars included: 
- Wall bars
- Horizontal bars
- Rope set (ring, rope, trapeze, rope ladder)
- Removable horizontal bars 
- Installation kit

Total weight: 27 kg

The side parts consist of two halves!
Delivery is disassembled and packaged!

Additional parameters

Category: Wall Bars (Pine Tree)
Warranty: 2 years
Model: Kinder 3-220/240-1