Terms of use

Rules of operation of wall bars SPORTBABY.EU

Wall bars and playgrounds are intended for sports exercises at home by children and adults. The sets are made of soft and hard wood.

ATTENTION! Before exercising with children at home, consult a pediatrician and choose a safe set of exercises according to the age, fitness and health condition of your child.

Operating rules:

1. Do not exceed the allowable load on wall bars and accessories! Do not jump on wall bars, break the rungs, or otherwise manipulate wall bars other than specified in the instructions.

2. Do not expose wall bars to a damp environment for long periods of time.

3. The sports sets are to be used in dry, clean and ventilated living areas at temperatures between +2°C and +45°C and relative humidity between 45 and 60% and placed more than 1 m away from heating equipment and at least 0.5 m away from sources of electric lighting.

4. Use wall bars only for their intended purpose. For example, clothes cannot be dried on wall bars (crossbars will dry out and crack). Horizontal bar cannot be used to store boxes and other objects (these objects can fall and injure the child when playing on wall bars).

5. Some components of wall bars may be hazardous to your and your children's health under certain conditions that are not dependent on the manufacturer. Therefore, the manufacturer strongly recommends that you constantly monitor and supervise children while they are playing and performing physical exercises. It is necessary to supplement wall bars sets with gymnastic mats.

6. Before installing wall bars, instruct children on the rules of safe behaviour and exercise on wall bars. Ensure that all the precautions listed above are followed to avoid unintentional injury to the child.

7. Only one child may be on wall bars and all accessories at a time! If there are two children on wall bars, one child falling can injure the child below. Ensure the safety of your children by following these instructions.

8. Children should not wear scarves, hats or hats with ribbons, helmets with torn straps, clothing with extended loops, or other clothing that could get caught or tangled during activities on wall bars.

9. Do not allow children to attach any foreign objects, such as ropes, dog leashes, etc., to the components of wall bars.

10. Monitor the cleanliness and condition of wall bars:

crossbars should not be dirty, sticky or slippery;
wipe the parts of wall bars regularly with a damp cloth and then wipe the surface dry.

11. Before starting any activity, check the technical condition of wall bars and the reliability of their fastening, as well as the integrity of the elements of the rope set. Remove any defects (loosening of attachments, failure of any parts of the ladders). Do not let children play on a defective wall bars.

12. Important! Do not leave children where you are assembling and installing wall bars assembly. There are many small parts (screws, nuts, etc.) that a child can swallow or otherwise hurt themselves.

Wall bars with accessories are for physical activities only - exercise and play.

If you take care of all wall bars sets regularly and carefully, you will prolong their life.