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Product detailed description

Wall bars SportBaby Kombi 3 - 220/240 is a classic tool for exercises and training of all age groups. This ladder may be used for gymnastics, strength training, fitness, bodybuilding, physical therapy, scoliosis treatment, and to improve range of motion by beginners and professionals alike. With its aesthetic craftsmanship and compact design, this ladder may be installed in homes, apartments, gyms, schools, clinics, and hospitals. Wall bars SportBaby Kombi 3 - 220/240 is also characterized by its reliability and ease of installation. In other words, this ladder is an all around pleasure to use! Furthermore, SportBaby Kombi 3 - 220/240 uses a proven design that has undergone strict control, making it the safest option when it comes to Swedish Ladders. Made of natural hardwoods pine and beech, grown in ecologically clean areas. The finished product is coated with a certified varnish that is odorless and protects from moisture and wear, helping maintain an excellent appearance and adding to longevity.

Material: pine, crossbar - beech, horizontal bar - plywood, board - plywood

Height: 220/240 cm, width: 80 cm
Board's size: 150x30 cm
Load capacity
- wall bars: 120 kg
- removable horizontal bar: 120 kg
- rope set: 80 kg
- board: 40 kg
Weight - 25/27 kg

Wall bars included: 

- Wall bars
- Removable horizontal bar
- Rope set (ring, rope, trapeze, rope ladder)
- Board (plywood)
- Installation kit

The side parts consist of two halves!
Delivery takes place disassembled and packaged!

Additional parameters

Category: Wall Bars (Pine Tree)
Warranty: 2 years
Model: Kombi 3-220/240